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Journeys for headphonesLike dreaming while awake, our recordings create the illusion of being transported to another place. Not just the sounds of nature, but the spaces of forests, canyons, rivers and open fields induce a “being there” experience. Created with recording techniques designed specifically for headphone listening, they reach deep into your subconscious and the dreaming begins.

Natural SoundNature’s living, changing, 3-D sound field is captured with accurate depth, distance, space and position. Above, below, behind, and all around, you’ll wonder why you’ve never heard anything like this before.

Film Scoring for the MindPristine natural events and environments are arranged and orchestrated into Journeys and Natural Spaces. Always shifting and changing, they go far beyond static nature recordings. Designed to entertain and relax you, they pull you in and become yours.

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