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About Us


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Naturespace is pleased to offer two apps for your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Thundergod - The Naturspace Thunderstorm Collection and the free Naturespace Holographic Audio app are collections of carefully crafted ambiences designed to loop seamlessly and invisibly, creating a “steady-state” holographic listening experience and incorporate our exclusive Earbud Optimization mode.

In addtion to our iPhone apps, our online catalog is intended for use in your iTunes library and works on all iPods, not just the iPhone. You can download our catalog either from the iTunes Store or from our website. Naturespace is an affordable and efficient way to truly escape into the realm of creative visualization.


How to use the Naturespace and Thundergod Apps:
Tap an image to hear the track, tap again to pause it. To read information about a track, tap the info button in the lower right corner while the track is playing. For instructions overall, tap the info button while a track is not playing. Tap the Earbud Optimization button to toggle the process on or off.

We encourage you to explore our entire catalog. If you own an iPod, you need some Naturespace.