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The Beckoning Ocean

The Journey Pushed and pulled by the winds and the moon, infinite iterations of pulsing energy terminate on the land. The spectral wash of the tides reach and spread across the mind as the beckoning ocean calls to you, longing for you to join with the wave, so she may embrace you as she does with all things that enter her.

Primary Adjective:  Vast


The ElementsEntirely recorded on the Gulf of Mexico, from the Florida panhandle, all the way to the Keys. 33 different wave patterns are woven together in concert with tonal textures that underscore the mood and drama that is the open ocean. A brief appearance of an operatic soprano vocalist symbolizes the call of the mythical Sirens of the Odyssey.

iTunes: Bundle Five
iTunes Bundle Five
The Beckoning Ocean
Avian Sanctuary at Dawn
Midnight Tide